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CelfCentered Animation was first established in October 1994. Since that time, our animation gallery has evolved into an important source for collectors of Disney animation cels, Disney original drawings and collectible fossil watches. Our goal is to provide animation art collectors with the highest quality art work available at the lowest possible price.
No matter what your collecting style or whether you're a professional collector or a beginner, CelfCentered provides you with the quality service you deserve.

We are sellers of disney cels and vintage disney animation art and cels. visit for animation art and comic cels or cells. We have Disney production cells, limited edition cells, posters and collectible fossil watches for sale.

Our website is designed for serious buyers and sellers of Walt Disney animation cels (cells), original animation drawings, cartoon cels, original Disney lobby cards, posters and fossil watches. If you are an animation art collector, CelfCentered is the best online website to buy a cel or sell animation cels online. Enjoy browsing the CelfCentered animation art gallery cels and drawings for sale and view the consignment art for sale, cels for sale and animation cels for sale or consignment.  

Collectors ask - Where should I buy animation art cels/drawings online? Where do I sell my animation cels/drawings online? How much is my cel/drawing worth? CelfCentered is designed to appraise your cels/drawings or sell your Disney animation cels, toys and drawings online. No fuss no muss!

CelfCentered Animation was first established in October 1994.


Disney cels and cartoon cels are featured in my personal tribute and celebration of the artistry of animation art.

When I first began collecting and selling Disney Cels, Vintage Disney Animation Art Cels and Limited Edition Fossil Watches, Vintage Fossil Watches many years ago, I was initially attracted to the ability of these magical images to instantly transport me back to my childhood....oh, those wonderful Saturday morning memories!

As my collection grew to what my fiance refers to as `excessive proportions' (ergo the name 'Celf-Centered'), I came to discover that animation ART is exactly in its purest, most magical form.

Far more than mere `cartoons', these cels and drawings images showcase some of the finest artists anywhere.

Not a day goes by that I don't look at my cels - always with delight and child-like wonder. I know I'm not alone in my love of these wonderful here's my collection!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! .



Disney Cels and Cartoon Cels

Welcome to 'Celf-Centered' Animation Art


Walt Disney Studio - 'Mickey's Fire Brigade ', 1935. This animation drawing of Donald Duck was created by a Disney animator in development of a scene in the animated cartoon.

Original hand-painted production animation cel of Cecil the Sea-Sick Serpent - used during the production of Beany and Cecil, 1962-1968, Bob Clampett Studios.

'Homer Simpson & Santa's Little Helper', 1990's. These original production cels are two images on two seperate overlayed cels. Each are hand painted on over sized (very large) full untrimmed sheets.

'Yellow Submarine' No 4 Fossil Watch, 3/1/99 (3K) Inspired by the Beatle's album, 'Yellow Submarine' this watch featured a retro-style drawing of the band on the face.

STAR WARS No 1 GOLD EDITION VERSION FOSSIL WATCH, 11/1/96 (1,000). 'A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away' Fossil released this first Gold Star Wars limited edition watch with a molded Star Wars logo on a star field background.

Death Of Superman Fossil Watch, 3/1/93 (10,000). The collectible watch has a debossed Superman logo on a metal dial and a Superman logo shaped package with a commemorative lapel pin.
'Charles Addams', 1954. This self-portrait pencil sketch of 'Charles Addams' was hand drawn and signed by Charles Addams.

'Mickey's Fire Brigade'

This is an original hand painted Courvoisier production cel used in making Walt Disney 'Ferdinand The Bull', 1938. The set-up features the 'Matador'.

''Ferdinand The Bull'

This is an original hand painted production cel used in making 'The Cat in the Hat', 1971.

'Felix The Cat',1993 by Joe Oriolo. This Limited Edition is an Inkers Proof titled 'Moonlight Run' and is a 'Pan Cel'. 
'Flintstone Family' is hand signed by producers Hanna and Barbera.This Limited Edition cel is a rare Artist Proof #13 of 30.

This is an original hand painted production cel used in making Walt Disney '101 Dalmatians', 1961.


'The Cat in the Hat'

'Homer & Santa's Little Helper'
'Yellow Submarine' No 4 Watch

Star Wars No 1 (Gold Edition)

'Death Of Superman' Watch
'Felix The Cat'
'Flintstone Family'

'Beany and Cecil'

'Charles Addams'


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