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Appraisals of animation cels / drawings available for a fee of $39.99, payable through PayPal.

Get your Animation Cels and Drawings Appraised

We appraise your Animation Art, here is how it works...

Get your Animation Art Appraised for $39.99, per item.

Here's how it works:
1) Interested in an appraisal for animation cel or drawing. You pay Celf-Centered Animation via PayPal.
2) After payment you will be directed to a questionnaire form. Once you fill out and submit the form, you will be directed to a page for uploading images of item to be appraised.
3) Celf-Centered receives questionnaire and image(s).
4) Celf-Centered reviews information and either accepts terms to appraise art or refuses and refunds payment via PayPal.
5) If appraisal is accepted - Celf-Centered will convey appraised value to you within 2 to 5 business days via email with a link to appraisal certificate, which may be printed out.

Celf-Centered Appraiser:

Although I'm not a certified art appraiser, I have collected and worked with animation cels and drawings for over two decades, and own a vast collection of cels and original drawings, many of which are featured on Celf-Centered Animation's Art Gallery. Although I conduct research to determine fair market value on items submitted for appraisal, comparable items and/or recent sales information is not always available. In addition to market research, accurate appraisals are determined based on the information you provide. Therefore, it's important that you include any documentation or any other pertinent information you may have for each animation cel, drawing, or other animation art that you want appraised - including prior sales history, if available, and that you provide a clear, current photo(s) and an accurate description of the cel or drawing, including any visible or other apparent condition issues on the following form.

Any appraisal I provide does not represent a guaranteed monetary value, nor should it be used for any official purpose, including insurance or tax purposes. At best, my evaluation provides an approximate, current market value, based on the most recent sale of a similar item, and the accuracy of the documentation and item description that you provide. A recent photo must accompany all appraisal requests. The accuracy of appraisals cannot be guaranteed and are the opinion Celf-Centered only. Appraisals are provided in electronic form, via email link. Appraisals do not guarantee that the item will sell for the estimated value. Also, be aware that the value of your cel or drawing is vulnerable to both market and condition changes. The value of similar looking animation cels or drawings can vary considerably, based on the composition of the scene, activity of the characters, coloration, the expression on the character's face(s), etc. Celf-Centered Animation was first established in October 1998.

Estimated Appraised Value, this service will provide an estimate based on the information you provide as well as an evaluation of the art's general market value range. Time: generally 2-5 days. This is not for insurance, estate, or tax use.

Please Note: The online appraisal will note that we have not inspected the specific artwork in question, and that the appraisal is based information you have supplied and we cannot verify. We do not certify any online valuations; we make them available for casual collectors interested in current values only.

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