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In an illustrious career that spanned 62 years, Friz Freleng was involved in nearly every aspect of animation. As a creator, director and producer, Freleng has created or contributed to many of the most memorable and award-winning cartoons in animation history. He began at Warner Bros. in 1930 after coming from Disney, and garnered his first screen credit on Sink in The Bathtub, which was Warner Bros. first cartoon.

Freleng remained at Warner Bros. for 33 years (Except for a two year stint at MGM, where he organized a new animation department). During this time he was a major developer of Warner Bros. characters, producing and directing over 300 cartoons featuring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety and Sylvester and others. Clearly evident in all of Freleng cartoons was a unique talent for synchronizing the visual gag and the accompanying background music. Additionally, Freleng's modifications to such Warner Bros. mainstay characters as Sylvester and Tweety has been so successful, the studio has not been compelled to change the characters ever since. While at Warner Bros. Freleng was honored with four Academy Awards, and nominated for seven others.

In 1963, Freleng teamed up with David DePatie to form DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, which in addition to Warner Bros. cartoon shorts, also produced the Pink Panther series, which first appeared in the opening titles of the Blake Edwards motion pictures of the same name. The DePatie-Freleng venture paid off handsomely by winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Subject. DePatie-Freleng Enterprises also created The Inspector, The Ant and the Aardvark and The Texas Toads, among others. Freleng returned to Warner Bros. in 1980 as a Senior Executive Producer, where along with new animated sequences, he produced three feature length animated films composed of his classic shorts. Of these were The Looney Looney Looney Bugs Movie (1981), Bugs Bunny Rabbit Tales (1982), and Daffy Duck Movie: Fantastic Island (1983).

Isadore 'Friz' Freleng
1905 - 1995



All artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity

#DF1 - 'Ant and the Ardvark', 1969. (Matted and framed)

#DF1 - 'Ant and the Ardvark', 1969. (Matted and framed)

Price: $1900

#DF1 - DePatie-Freleng Studios - 'Ant and the Ardvark', 1969. The cel image measures 11.50' X 8.50', rendered with the Original Handpainted Key Background. The cel bears the official seal, hand signed by Fritz Freleng.

#WB1 - 'Marvin the Martian', limited edition Model Sheet. (Matted/Framed)

#WB1 - 'Marvin the Martian', limited edition Model Sheet. (Matted/Framed)

Price: $900

#WB1 - Friz Freeling Masters Collection by Warner Bros - 'Marvin the Martian' limited edition Model Sheet, Edition 215 out of 750 pieces. The sheet measures 16.00" X 12.50", bearing the official Warner Bros. seal. Marvin the Martian is the creative brainchild of legendary director Chuck Jones. Surprisingly, given his tremendous popularity, Marvin only appears in five classic Looney Tunes. He debuted in 1948 as Commander X-2 in 'Haredevil Hare,' starring opposite Bugs Bunny. Four years later, in another Bugs Bunny vehicle, 'Hasty Hare,' he first appears as Marvin the Martian with a new canine companion, K-9. 'Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century' (1953) pits Marvin against Daffy Duck and Porky Pig. Finally, he reunites with Bugs Bunny in 'Hare-way to the Stars' (1958) and 'Mad As a March Hare' (1963). (MATTED AND FRAMED)

#DF2 - 'Speedy Gonzales', 1960's. (Matted and framed)

#DF2 - 'Speedy Gonzales', 1960's. (Matted and framed)

Price: $430

#DF2 - DePatie-Freleng Studios - 'Speedy Gonzales', 1960's. The original handpainted cel image measures 3.50' X 5.25'. Like many cartoon characters, Speedy Gonzales wasn't quite himself in his first appearance. The film that is generally reckoned his initial outing, Warner Bros.' Cat-Tails for Two (1953), directed by Robert McKimson, shows him looking like a hick, scrawny and buck-toothed. It was in his second cartoon, Speedy Gonzales (1955), directed by Friz Freleng, that he was re-designed as the sleek little speedster we all know today.

#DF4 - Depatie-Freleng - 'Bull dog', 1993.

#DF4 - Depatie-Freleng - 'Bull dog', 1993.

Price: $250

#DF4 - Depatie-Freleng - 'Bull dog', 1993. This full sheet original Pink panther drawing is rendered in blue and graphite pencil. The image area measures 6.50' X 2.50' numbered 716 54 8.


Ex-Warner Bros. direc­tor Isadore Friz Fre­leng and pro­ducer David DePatie formed DePatie-Freleng Enter­prises after the Looney Tunes series was closed down. The first of the new studio’s projects was cre­at­ing the title sequence for The Pink Pan­ther. The char­ac­ter was said to be cre­ated by Blake Edwards, Fre­leng and Haw­ley Pratt. The stu­dio saw the pop­u­lar­ity of this new char­ac­ter, and pro­duced the first short– The Pink Phink- in 1964. This short has the unique dis­tinc­tion of being the first time a stu­dio has won an Acad­emy Award for it’s first the­atri­cal work.… and it is the only time a car­toon character’s debut film has won an Oscar.

'The Pink Panther', 1970's.

Price: SOLD

#DF3 - DePatie-Freleng Studios - 'The Pink Panther', 1970's. The original handpainted cel image measures 5.75' X 5.50', bearing production number #44 and #P-14 along the bottom. The Pink Panther is depicted as a toreador. COA Howard Lowery Gallery.

#DF3 - 'The Pink Panther', 1970's.

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