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1892 - 1983

Pat Sullivan

1887 - 1933

Felix the Cat was animation's first star. From the moment he appeared, in Feline Follies (1919), he was a hit even though he hadn't yet been given his name. In that film and his second, Musical Mews, he was called 'Master Tom'. It was only in the third, Adventures of Felix (1919) that he received his permanent name and his long, long career was off.

According to the credits, Pat Sullivan, owner of the studio, was the guiding genius behind Felix — but in reality, the cartoons were the work of a young animator named Otto Messmer, who produced the entire four-minute debut all by himself, working at home on a freelance basis. Felix's success was a direct result of Messmer's great ability to create sight gags, and to express a character's personality through his own unique way of moving. Dozens of silent Felix cartoons were made, with increasing sophistication as the 1920s wore on.

Felix the Cat had a very humble beginning as a curious and mischievous little cat as first conceived by New Jersey cartoonist Otto Messmer. His first appearance was in a short film on the early 1900's called 'Feline Follies'. Soon thereafter he made the transition to print. King Features syndicated Felix in over 250 newspapers in a multitude of languages, reaching practically every corner of the globe. He's now published through Felix Comics, Inc., in various magazines and publications. Little did anyone know back then that this rather angular Felix would metamorphosize into the rounder, more lovable character he is today.

Otto Messmer was just doing what he loved to do...draw! He had no idea what he was starting! It wasn't long before a young Joe Oriolo, Otto's protege, began working closely with Felix. There was a love for the character from the beginning.

Felix became so famous that he was chosen by Charles Lindbergh to be his lucky mascot on his historic transatlantic flight. Soon Felix was playing in every movie house in the world...he was suddenly an overnight sensation! Did you know that the very first image to be broadcast over television airwaves was Felix the Cat?

O2 - Oriolo Studios - 'Felix the Cat'. The hand painted Limited Edition titled 'It's In The Bag'measures 15.00' X 11.50'.

More than 10 years before there was a mouse named Mickey there was a cat named Felix. Born in 1919 from the pen of Otto Messmer, Felix the Cat has had an amazingly long and prosperous career.


#O3 - Felix The Cat, 'Pitfall' (1993). (Matted and framed). .

#O3 - Felix The Cat, 'Pitfall' (1993). (Matted and framed). .

Price: $1600

#O3 - Oriolo Studios - FELIX The CAT, 1993 - Limited Edition # 48 of 400, Animation 'PAN CEL' titled 'Pitfall'. The Cel image size measures 12' X 32' - The finished framed piece measures 21'X 42. Felix is hand signed by Don Oriolo, bearing Studio Certificate of Authenticity. (MATTED AND FRAMED)

#08 - Felix The Cat, 'Moonlight Run', (1993). (Inkers Proof Framed)

#08 - Felix The Cat, 'Moonlight Run', (1993). (Inkers Proof Framed)

Price: $1800

#08 - 'Felix The Cat',1993. The Limited Edition, Animation 'PAN CEL'titled 'MOONLIGHT RUN' is an Inkers Proof measuring 18.00' X 22.00'. (FRAMED)


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