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CelfCentered Animation

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Appraisals of animation cels/art are available for a fee of $19.99, payable through PayPal.

Although I'm not a certified art appraiser, I have collected and worked with animation cels and drawings for over a decade, and own a vast collection of cels and original drawings, many of which are featured on Although I conduct research to determine fair market value on items submitted for appraisal, comparable items and/or recent sales information is not always available. In addition to market research, accurate appraisals are determined based on the information you provide. Therefore, it's important that you include any documentation or any other pertinent information you may have for each cel, drawing, or other animation art that you want appraised, and that you provide a current photo(s) and an accurate description of the cel or drawing, including any visible or other apparent condition issues.

Any appraisal I provide does not represent a guaranteed monetary value. At best, my evaluation provides an approximate, current market value, based on the most recent sale of a similar item, and the accuracy of the documentation and item description that you provide. A recent photo must accompany all appraisal requests. The accuracy of appraisals cannot be guaranteed and are the opinion CelfCentered only. Also, be aware that the value of your cel or drawing is vulnerable to both market and condition changes.