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Once Upon a Rhyme - artist proof cel #4 of #15 Casper the Ghost.

#HT12 - HarveyToons - Casper the Ghost, 1992.

Harvey Comics titled 'Once Upon a Blhme' of Casper, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. This is an Artist Proof #4 of #15, on a Reproduction Background. Cel image size measures 12.00' X 9.50', hand signed by Shamus Culhanewith official gold seal.

Price:  $930 (MATTED AND FRAMED)

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Hanna Barbera 'Magilla Gorilla, Boo Boo, Baba Looey, Hokey Wolf.

#H13 - 'Magilla Gorilla, Boo Boo, Baba Looey, and Hokey Wolf', '50th Aniversary' TV special. (Includes original drawing).

Price $775

#H13 - Hanna Barbera 'Magilla Gorilla, Boo Boo, Baba Looey, and Hokey Wolf', from '50th Aniversary' TV special. The total image size of the characteres measures 5.00' X 7.500' - Total cel area measures 10.50' X 12.50', bearing offical studio seal. The cel is hand signed by Hanna Barbera and comes with matching original drawing.

'Casper the Friendly Ghost', 'Puss 'n' Boos' (1954).(Framed and triple matted)

#HT19 - Famous Studios - 'Casper the Friendly Ghost', 1954. The casper cel from 'Puss 'n' Boos' is rendered on an untrimmed sheet measuring 10.50' X 12.50'. The painted image area measures 5.00' X 6.00'. The Cel is framed and triple matted measuring 17.00' X 19.00'. Casper the Friendly Ghost rescues two baby kittens from drowning, and they become his friends forever. They're hungry, though, and they need milk. Casper pulls off his sheet to become invisible so that he can milk a friendly cow. When the cow sees a bucket with her milk in it floating away, she immediately runs to a "Psycowatrist," as she believes that she is losing it. Now, full of milk, one of the kittens sees a nest of baby birds in a tree and charges them. The mother bird comes to their defense. The other kitten ties a string to a bone and drags it in front of a sleeping bulldog. The dog doesn't think it's funny and gives chase.         Casper-Puss And Boos cartoon 4:43

Price: $1500

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Disney Cal Arts hand painted cel signed by Roy Disney

All five main Disney Characters...Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy

Disney/Cal Arts Serigraph Cel (Disney). This special cel was created
exclusively for Walt Disney cast members as part of a fund-raising effort to
support California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). This cel set-up features
the five major Disney characters -- Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck,
Goofy, and Pluto. The original artwork for the cel and background was
specially created by Disney Animation in Florida. The art has a image area
of 11\34; x 9\34; and is in Excellent condition. Includes a certificate
of authenticity #38; Signed by Roy Disney.

Asking price.: SOLD

Warner Brothers - 1964 Original Production cel The Incredible Mr. Limpet.

Warner Brothers - 1964 Original Production cel The Incredible Mr. Limpet. Image size 12" x 9".

This is an original Production Cel from the 1964 movie The Incredible Mr. Limpet  this cel was actually used in the making of the movie it is in pristine condition.  Production numbers: # 24,  punch holes. This cel is incredibly rare especially for its excellent condition

Asking price.: 925.00


Mickey Mouse/The LA Film Critics Association

Disney Studios: Disney Cromalin- Mickey Mouse/The LA Film Critics Association. Image size "'x 12". this is a rare special addition to any serious Disney Collection.

This is a Disney Cromalin extremely rare. The caption reads "The Walt
Disney Studios Thanks The Los Angeles Film Critics Association For awarding
( The Rescuers Down Under) Best Animation Film". On the bottom is printed (AD.
Los Angeles Film Critics award HD fri. dec.21 1990  Issue  073M-2.

Asking price.: $950.00 firm


Jim Henson 1936-1990 - Cromalin (Muffits)

Jim Henson 1936-1990 - Cromalin (Muffits) - Henson associates,INC #38; Marvel Productions,LTD. Image size 9" x 12".

This is a Cromalin sent from the Henson Studios to be printed the
caption reads (Jim Henson 1936-1990) this was printed shortly after his
death in 1990 the cromalin shows 8 baby muffets crying and laying flowers at
his grave. A very special and rare item  A Tribute To Henson Production number: FP 416 WED. Daily 4 5/23/90

Asking price.: $750.00


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WARNER BROTHERS- VIRGIL ROSSA Wild Hare Limited Edition Cel 39/500

WARNER BROTHERS- VIRGIL ROSSA Wild Hare (rereleased as The Wild Hare) is a Warner Brothers Merrie Melodies animated short film. It was produced by Leon Schlesinger Productions, directed by Tex Avery, and written by Rich Hogan. It was originally released on July 27, 1940. A Wild Hare is considered by many film historians as the first Bugs Bunny cartoon. Matted and framed limited edition 39 of 500. The image size is 20.75 x 18.75.

Asking price.: SOLD

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Disney - Donald Duck Cromalin - Emmy Consideration.

Disney - Donald Duck Cromalin - Emmy Consideration. Image size 12" x 9".

This is a cromalin from Disney Studios. Disney sent this cromalin to
be printed then returned to the studios caption: For Your Emmy Consideration
The Walt Disney Studios, Duct Tales( Outstanding Animated Program 1991 info
on bottom left Hollywood Reporter 11/17/91   133) in excellent condition. These are extremely rare considering there are one of a kind.

Asking price.: SOLD