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Here's how to sell your artwork online?

List 1 Item in Consignment: $9.99 per month

Recurring Charges and Cancellation

Sell your Artwork, Toys and Memorabilia Online at Celf-Centered for $9.99 each item per month.   

Here's how it works:

Seller Information

1) Seller pays to list item(s) for sale on Celf-Centered via PayPal.
2) After payment you will be directed to a questionnaire form. Once you fill out and submit the form, you will be directed to a page for uploading images of item(s) to be to be listed for sale.
4) Celf-Centered receives questionnaire and image(s).
5) Celf-Centered either accepts and posts seller's art or refuses listing and refunds seller's payment.
6) Celf-Centered relays all buyer information to seller via email.
7) Seller and buyer transact sale.
8) Seller may cancel or remove ad(s) by contacting Celf-Centered via online contact form or Seller may cancel recurring monthly charge through their PayPal account.

1) Buyers interested in a third party item for sale can contact the seller by submitting a request form, which can be found by first clicking on 'Consignment Art for Sale' -  then click 'view more button' under ad.
2) Celf-Centered will convey buyer information to seller.
3) Buyer and seller may then communicate with each other directly at the seller's discretion. All sales transactions are strictly between the buyer and seller.

Third party sales:

All third party sales transactions are between buyer and seller. Celf-Centered connects buyers and sellers - but does not act as a agent for either party. Celf-Centered does not take possession of, nor do we take commissions on third party items listed for sale. All questions regarding third party items for sale (including item description, payment and shipping) will be directed to the seller - via our online contact form.

Selling an animation cel, drawing, toy or memorabilia?

Reach your target audience by listing your item(s) on Celf-Centered for only $9.99 per month (per item)there are no additional commission fees. We frequently receive inquiries from potential buyers looking to purchase a particular type of animation cel or drawing. There may be someone visiting Celf-Centered today, looking to buy a cel or drawing like yours online. Sellers must include an accurate description of the item they're listing, accompanied by a recent photo. Sellers must also provide a current email address and/or phone number so that potential buyers can contact them with questions. Please do not provide any contact information that you do not want published on Celf-Centered's website. Celf-Centered will not handle or hold the cel or drawing being sold, and will not be involved in or assume responsibility for any part of the transaction between buyer and seller. Payment is through PayPal only. Celf-Centered is not involved in the financial transaction between buyer and seller. Celf-Centered Animation was first established in November 2001. By clicking on PayPal you are agreeing to Celf-Centered terms and conditions and reocurring charges and cancelation policy.


Consignment: Some art galleries charge 20% to 30% of the selling price, auction houses charge 30% to the seller - at Celf-Centered there are no additional commission fees, just one fee you've chosen per month (per item) via PayPal.

Automatic recurring monthly charge: Sellers will automatically be charged a $9.99 monthly ad listing fee for (one item). Billing period will begin on the date the ad is paid. (reocurring charges and cancellation).

Disclaimer: Celf-Centered assumes no responsibility for nor do we guarantee the authenticity, quality, or condition of any cel, drawing, or other animation art listed for sale by a third party seller on this site. Any transaction between buyer and seller is at their own risk.

Is there a better place than eBay for selling animation art? (cels, drawings, lobby cards, some limited edition and reproductions).

eBay is flooded by worthless sericels and other "collector" reproductions, posing as serious art. If you have an actual production cel or drawing from a classic film, it will get lost and devalued in the eBay swamp.

Celf-Centered Animation is one of the best sites for serious animation art collectors who wish to buy or sell animation cels, drawings and Walt Disney art work online. In addition, serious buyers and sellers of pure Fossil Animation watches will find our websites invaluable as we have the best and only archived watch collection available. Celf-Centered offers appraisals, and consignments for buyers and sellers of animation art and Fossil watches. Best place to sell animation art.