Terms and Conditions

Buyer and Seller Disclaimer: Celf-Centered assumes no responsibility for – nor do we guarantee the age, provenance, authenticity, value, quality or condition of any cel, drawing, or other animation art listed for sale by a third party seller on this site. All issues pertaining to third party transactions, including age, authenticity, provenance, accuracy of value, price, description, and quality and condition of the item, or any other representations made are the sole responsibility of the seller. The seller guarantees that he/she is the sole, legitimate owner of any item they list for sale. Celf-Centered assumes no responsibility for any financial transaction between buyer and seller. Any transaction between buyer and seller is at their own risk. Buyers and sellers agree that any legal action connected with or as result of a third party sale or purchase of any item listed on Celf-Centered will not be directed at or involve Celf-Centered in any way. Should a legal action be directed at or involve Celf-Centered in connection with a sale or purchase transaction, such action must be filed in Chicago, Illinois, where Celf-Centered is located.

Automatic recurring monthly charge: Sellers will automatically be charged a $9.99 monthly ad listing fee for (one item), if you picked $18.99 for (two items) or $27.99 for (three items) unless we receive notice of cancellation within seven business days. Billing period will begin on the date the ad is paid. Any cancellation that occurs after that date during the initial or subsequent month(s) will result in a charge for that month.

Cancellation Policy: Sellers may cancel their ad on Celf-Centered at any time by notifying us via our contact form of their intention to cancel or by following the PayPal instructions below. We require at least seven business days notice of cancellation. Failure to provide proper notice will result in a charge the following month.

Returns: Returns due to person(s) not available upon UPS delivery are subject to a 20% restocking fee deducted from original sale price. If return shipping is requested a second time than person shall pay for re-shipping plus 20% restocking fee.

All returns shall be within 7-days of delivery, must be pre-approved based on misrepresentation of item(s) and if approved person(s) returning item(s) agree to pay for shipping and fees associated to PayPal if applicable (if paid by check or cashiers check fees will be paid by returnee). Fees will be deducted from refunded price. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee based on the original sale price. All returns must be in original condition, professionally packaged, shipped (UPS), tracking and insured for value of original price.

Layaways: Person(s) who want layaway plans should contact CelfCentered Animation for terms which will be agreed upon mutually via email.

Disclaimer: The original production animation art cels, drawings, and sketches seen here are the property of walt disney, charles addams, warner brothers,mgm,upa,al capp,bob clampett, jay ward,columbia studios,screen gems,dr seuss, fox studios, hanna barbera, famous studios, terrytoons, tempe toons, walter lantz, fossil watch co.. They are intended only as illustrations of the artwork being offered and may not be reproduced in any form for any other purpose without the permission of their respective owners.