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Celf-Centered Animation

Thank you for taking an interest in our Animation Website.

You will receive an answer to your question, post your consignment or an appraisal within 2-5 business days.

Celf-Centered Animation was first established in October 1998. Since that time, our animation business has evolved into an important source for collectors of animation cels, drawings and watches. Our goal is to provide collectors with the highest quality art work available at the lowest possible price.

Please view Celf-Centered's feedback score of 227 and possitive feedback 100% at Ebay.

Celf-Centered is owned by Scott Joss, a veteran art collector with decades of experience collecting original animation art.

No matter what your collecting style or whether you're a professional collector or a beginner, CelfCentered provides you with the quality service you deserve.


Scott Joss
CelfCentered Animation

5415 North Sheridan Road
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